The APSECO partner companies:

»Choosing the right Distributor can be vital for your business so choose the one that use the same standard as you.«
Since 2016, we twinned our company with one of the most professional and skilled distributor in Germany: CS Diagnostics — partner company of BASI, STADA, Boucharra, Centrafarm, Sanochemia, GP Pharma and many more. We offer efficiency, professionalism and transparency for all our clients. Visit the website of CS Diagnostics →

CS Diagnostics — What we stand for

  • Better outcomes for patients in diagnostic and therapy
  • Less side effects for patients
  • Process optimization for physicians and their staff
  • Saving time
  • Reducing costs

CS Diagnostics Business Units

Sales and marketing of own, exclusive product lines:

Contrast Media · Luminity® · SpaceOAR® · Tissue Markers · Immobilization and Motion Management · Injectors and Disposables

Trading with own and third party products in EMEA

Sanochemia · Stada · Centrafarm · Hemopharm · Biocodex · Innothera · BASI · EL PEN · Bouchara · Unicom · S&R · Augmentrix · Civco RT